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1070 AG Amsterdam
Email: info@ibfa.nl
Bank: ABN Amro 627317308
Chamber of Commerce: 34266919

IBFA Advisory Board 

The IBFA Advisory Board members are senior management of international companies operating in the Amsterdam region. The function of the Advisory Board is to review annually the activities of the IBFA and and to advise on future plans.The Advisory Board meets once a year and individual members are also consulted on specific topics. The IBFA’s activities are supported by an Advisory Board chaired by the Mayor of Amsterdam.

vacant Chairman
Mr. T. Poppens Vice Chairman - Mayor of Amstelveen
Mr. S. Cai Managing Director - Huawei Technologies Netherlands
Mr. G. Duits Chief Operating Officer- IBM Nederland
Mr. F. Houben Delegate to the Board - KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
Mr. J. Devasia Chief Executive Officer - Tata Consultancy Services NL
Mr. Y. Satomi Chairman - Japanse Chamber of Commerce
Mr. H. Takase President - MUFG Bank Europe
Mr. L. Feng  General Manager - ICBC (Europe) S.A. Amsterdam Branche
Mr. Menno van den Berg 
Managing Director Netherlands - Samsung Electronics Benelux
Mrs. Daphne de Kluis Member of the Board - ABNAMRO
Mr. F. Fervero Chief Executive Officer -  Nestlé Netherlands